The sod price in Canada is generally in the range of $0.75 to $2 per square foot

Due to less maintenance and hassle, sod is a trendy and convenient option, especially for new homeowners.

It instantly brings the right curb appeal to the home. 

When you decide to move forward with the installation, other factors contribute to the sod prices.

In this guide, we will help you find out how much is sod for your property.

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7 Factors Affecting the Sod Prices 

An infographic explaining factors affecting sod prices

There are multiple factors that you need to take into account when determining how much is sod. 

Let’s take a look at them in this section:

1. Shape of Your Lawn

Typically, the cost of installing sod in an irregularly shaped yard is more than in an average yard. 

This is because the grass layer is often square or rectangular in shape, so it will take more time for your pro to place the sod along curves properly. 

So, with irregular shapes and a lot of slopes, the sod prices will go up.

2. Size of Your Lawn

According to the size of your yard, the sod prices fluctuate significantly.

To find out the total cost, you need to know how much is sod per roll and multiply it by the area of the lawn.

Moreover, the sod prices include both the material and labour costs for installing it.

3. Labour Cost of Sod Installation 

You can lay sod following two methods–hiring professional gardening services or doing it yourself. 

The average hourly labor cost varies depending on the region and the company, from $40 to $80. 

Choosing to go with a professional may cost you more, but they will complete the project in a few hours.

4. Different Varieties of Sod

All premade sod are not the same. Because of that, for each variety, the sod prices may vary.

The type of sod you select impacts how much is sod and the final look of your lawn. 

Certain grass varieties can withstand more foot traffic than others, are less prone to disease, and are more drought-resistant than others.

For instance, Zoysia, Bentgrass, and Centipede are the most expensive, while Bahia, Ryegrass, and Kentucky Bluegrass are the least expensive. 

If you want to choose a budget-friendly option, you can look for Bermuda, St. Augustine, or Fescue.

Read this blog to know the types of sod in detail.

5. Delivery Charges

Getting the sod supplied to your house before installation usually entails paying extra sod prices. Due to the increased fuel costs, it will have a major impact on the overall sod prices.

The delivery cost will be around $60 to $250, depending on how much sod you need.

6. Accessibility of the Yard

If you choose to get the sod installed and the location of your yard is at a distance, you can expect additional installation charges.

It may increase installation prices if they have to squeeze through a small opening to reach the grass. 

7. Preparation of the Lawn

Laying sod is not an easy feat if you are dealing with a damaged lawn.

The soil’s quality is integral for a strong foundation, which translates into how the sod will appear and grow in the future. 

Soil preparation is crucial since poor-quality soil will hinder the sod’s ability to take root and establish itself. 

Before installing sod, a lot of installers will test the pH of your soil. The cost of evaluating soil ranges from $12 to $20. 

If the pH of the topsoil is not ideal, you may have to buy it.

Similarly, if your yard is overrun with weeds, you will need to pay extra for a weed treatment before the workers establish the lawn.

Trees, shrubs, and other landscape features may also require some changes.

As these factors count as barriers, the labour may charge more, increasing the sod prices.

Additional Factors That Influence the Sod Prices 

An infographic explaining how much is sod

Here are the other costs that have substantial sod prices:

1. Managing Non-Living Elements with Hardscaping

Hardscaping elements like water features, sidewalks, and brick walkways may raise your labour expenses because your contractor must work around them carefully. 

If your yard has substantial hardscaping and other impediments, factor 10% more into the total sod prices.

2. Elimination of Old Lawn

Before installing any new sod, you must remove any existing sod. Professional lawn care often costs $1 to $3 per square foot. 

However, for about $60 to $100 each day, you can save money by renting a sod cutter and following other techniques for sod removal. 

3. Application of Fertilizer

Fresh sod thrives on applying fertilizer or herbicide. Fertilizer applications typically cost between between $0.02 and $0.08 per square foot.

4. Purchasing a Sprinkler System

Finding the time to water your lawn may be a problem for many.

A long-term solution for that is a sprinkler system. It ensures that your turf gets enough moisture without your direct involvement.

Sprinkler system installation typically costs between $2,000 and $11,000 for 10,890 square feet. 

Hiring Landscaping Experts for Sod Installation 

Whether you want to hire someone or do it yourself boils down to your personal preference. However, with professional services, there are fewer chances of errors and things going south.

During the process, you need to make some important decisions, such as choosing the right type of sod, soil maintenance, etc.

A skilled team has the experience to carry out the process carefully. Even if the sod prices are higher, you won’t need to worry about the sod dying after a while.

They also have the right tools required for a successful lawn installation. 

Their landscaping knowledge will be quite helpful, especially if you run into obstacles along the route. 


When is the ideal season to install sod?

To minimize stress, it’s usually better to lay it in the spring or fall when the temperature is moderate and there is a lot of rainfall.

How much sod do I need?

Measure the length and width of the perimeter where you intend to install the sod, then multiply the two numbers to determine how much sod you’ll need. 

How should my sod be maintained?

Make sure to give the sod plenty of water when it is first installed. Additional upkeep actions consist of aeration, watering, mowing, and fertilization.

Final Thoughts 

After reading this blog on sod prices, you will get a rough estimate of the cost.

To answer how much is sod, you need to decide whether you want self-pickup or delivery, the quantity of the sod, and the suitable installation method.