You will be amazed at how Falcons Landscaping can transform what appears to be a hopeless lawn into the finest lawn on the block. But there are cases where a lawn is simply irreparable and the soil is in such bad condition that we must start from scratch. In such cases,


Tree trimming and pruning encourages air circulation which reduces disease incidence and the possibility of damage from high winds. Tree trimming also removes unhealthy or dangerous limbs that can easily fail in severe weather and allows more sunlight reach your understory plants.

Lawn Care

We will provide spot mowing as an on-call service if you feel the need to catch up to the growing season before considering a longer term solution to your lawn maintenance needs.

Landscape Lighting

With years experience in the landscape lighting industry, Falcons Landscaping is the number one choice for landscape lighting design. Whether you’re interested in low voltage or line voltage installation, our professionals will make sure your design is installed properly and functioning as it should.


Landscape grading is offered for various stages of your property. Falcons Landscaping will do the initial and final grading for new homes as well as re-grading for draining correction. Soil amendment, seedbed preparation and sod installation are also available.


For Years Falcons Landscaping’s Gardens & Seasonal Flowers have been creating outdoor spaces that inspire, calm, heal, evoke tradition, and awaken the senses.
Our full service, sustainable landscape design, build, installation and maintenance firm proudly serves communities in and around the metro area.