A great way to beautify your property and increase its value is to add artificial turf. It mimics real grass while requiring minimal upkeep and lasts a long time.

However, the artificial turf cost is important to consider before installation. In Canada, you can expect to pay between $8,700 and $18,000 and upwards for a 1,000-square-foot area.

In this guide, our landscaping experts in Mississauga provide you with a complete artificial turf cost breakdown to help you understand what factors will impact your costs and if you can lower your costs in any way.

Artificial Turf vs. Natural Grass: What is the Difference?

A comparison infographic explaining artificial turf vs. natural grass

Natural grass is a living and breathing plant that grows through sod installation or planting a seed. Depending on your climate and other factors, you can opt for various types of natural grass.

However, natural grass might lay dormant in winter and can require a lot of upkeep. You will need to maintain it regularly through irrigation, mowing, fertilization, aeration, and much more.

On the other hand, artificial turf is made up of synthetic grass that looks and feels like natural grass. Many materials are used to develop this type of turf, such as nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene.

You can find artificial turf available in various heights and colors without any seasonal changes or maintenance such as mowing. Artificial turf doesn’t require much upkeep, except some occasional cleaning to keep it looking new.

Top 8 Factors Affecting Artificial Turf Cost in Canada

A circular diagram explaining the top factors affecting artificial turf cost in Canada

Now that you know the difference between artificial turf and natural grass, it is crucial to understand the artificial turf cost to make an informed decision on what to install.

For example, whenever you plan on installing artificial turf, you will have to take into consideration labour costs, materials, turf materials, and much more.

Our landscaping experts in Mississauga have created a comprehensive guide for you to understand the artificial turf cost in detail.

The total cost of installing an artificial turf depends upon various factors that you must take into consideration. These include the following:

1. The Size of Your Yard

Square Foot Average Cost Range
50 sq. ft. $100 and $1,000
100 sq. ft. $200 and $2,000
200 sq. ft. $400 and $4,000
500 sq. ft. $1,000 and $10,000
1,000 sq. ft. $2,000 and $20,000


One factor that will influence the artificial turf cost the most is the size of your lawn. The bigger your lawn is, the higher the costs will be.

Most companies utilize the per-square-foot method of calculating the artificial turf cost. The more materials used per square foot, the higher the cost.

Generally, the cost of installing artificial turf can range between $2 and $20 per square foot. The average cost is around $12 per square foot.

2. Type of Material for Artificial Grass

An infographic explaining the artificial turf costs of different materials

Another factor to take into account when determining artificial turf cost is the material for the artificial grass. There are three main materials that experts use when creating artificial grass.

These include polyethylene, polypropylene, and nylon. The costs for them can range as the following:

Polyethylene – The cost range is up to $2 per square foot

PE is great for anyone looking for artificial installation on a budget. It is the most budget-friendly option you will have, regardless of where you live.

However, certain things to keep in mind are that PE has a relatively shorter lifespan as compared to other types of turf. We also recommend opting for this material if your area has low traffic to maximize your savings.

If you have a small playground in your home, then this material will be the ideal choice.

Polypropylene – The cost range is between $2 and $3 per square foot

Polypropylene (PP) is a good balance of longevity and budget-friendliness. It can last long and withstand moderate foot traffic.

It will also offer a better appearance and resistance to fading than a PE artificial turf. If you are looking for an affordable option for your deck or patio, then this can be a good material to opt for.

Nylon – The cost range is around $3 and $16 per square foot 

The $3 nylon turf is on the lower end, and this is what you will have to pay for a basic nylon turf. However, if you want to benefit from premium options, then you can expect to pay up to $16 per square foot.

It is one of the best options for artificial turf, but you will have to pay more. This type of material is highly durable and has the most realistic appearance, mimicking natural grass.

If you have a high traffic area, such as a huge lawn or sports field, then this is the best option for you. So, if you have the budget for it, we recommend you consider this option for your outdoor space.

3. Cost of Labor

The labour cost during artificial turf installation will vary, depending on how big and complex the project is. Professional artificial turf installation costs will range between $4 and $25 per square foot.

However, an accurate cost will depend on how long it takes to install the artificial turf. It is best to get in touch with a landscaping company in Mississauga to help you understand the labour costs better.

On the other hand, if you think you can handle installing the artificial turf yourself, then you can do that too. We will discuss this in more detail below.

4. Type of Location for Artificial Turf Installation

The location where you have to lay the artificial turf will also impact the artificial turf cost. The reason for this is that every location varies in accessibility, complexity, and preparation.

We have created a table for you to help you understand the estimated artificial turf costs based on the type of location:

Location Estimated Artificial Turf Costs
Front yard Between $10 and $15 per square foot
Backyard Between $12 and $18 per square foot
Roof deck or balcony Between $15 and $25 per square foot
Residential Location Between $10 and $18 per square foot
Commercial Location $12 and upwards of $20 per square foot
Gazebo or Patio Between $15 and $20 per square foot
Sloped Terrain Between $15 and $25 per square foot

These are the general average estimates depending on the type of location of the artificial turf installation.

5. Shape of the Turf Blades

Another factor affecting the artificial turf cost will be the blade shape. Many varieties of blade shapes are available in the market, and the cost will vary between each one.

Shape of Blade Grass Excellent For
S-Shaped Lawns that don’t have lots of foot traffic
C-Shaped Commercial or backyard use
U-Shaped Moderate to heavy foot traffic lawns
V-Shaped Springing up back quickly after being walked on
M-Shaped Playing sports on
W-Shaped Lawns with high heat exposure
Diamond Shape Lawns with low to medium foot traffic
Omega-Shaped Pets in the yard

Contact our landscaping professionals in Mississauga to learn how this affects artificial turf cost in detail.

6. Price of Different Manufacturers

The artificial turf cost will also vary between the manufacturers and the brands that are available in the Canadian market for artificial turf. Here is a breakdown of each brand and the range you can expect to pay:

  • Easy Turf: $2 to $2.7
  • Everlast: $2.68 to $6.74
  • Onelawn: $3.03 to $9.78
  • DuraPlay: $3.28 to $15.64
  • PreGra: $3.51 to $5.26
  • MegaGrass: $4.72 to $6.74
  • EnvyPet: $4.99 to $9.44
  • Perfect Turf: $5.39 to $6.74
  • ProGreen: $5.93 to $15.38

Please note that the prices are subject to change from the time of the article. We recommend you connect with our professionals to better understand the current pricing.

7. Professional Installation Fees

If you hire a professional for artificial turf installation, then you will also have to take the fee of the experts into account when determining the total artificial turf cost.

On average, professionals in Canada can charge anywhere between $500 and $1,000 to install 1,000 square feet of artificial turf. This includes transportation costs, tools used, waste disposal, and other operational fees.

At Falcons Landscaping, we can quote you an affordable fee to install artificial turf. You can connect with us to learn more.

8. Installation Materials

The materials used to install artificial turf will also affect the total artificial turf cost. Various materials are used in the process, from grass to infill, chips, and much more.

Let’s understand the breakdown of each in detail.

Base for Artificial Turf – Crusher Chips

Before you lay the artificial turf, you must create a base for it. Crusher chips act as the ideal base as it is a mixture of gravel and sand.

The price range of these chips can range between $25 and $40 per cubic yard. Every 100 sq. ft. will require one cubic yard of these chips to achieve a base of two to three inches beneath the artificial turf.

So, the average cost of these chips to prepare an area of 1,000 square feet can range between $250 and $400.


Many professional installers can skip this cost as they might try to install the grass without the infill. Infill is one of the most important aspects of ensuring the durability of the turf.

For example, if you have pets and dogs, then a high-quality acrylic-coated antimicrobial infill is the best option in case your pets urinate or defecate on the turf.

Artificial turf can easily harbor bacteria and in the long run, this will pose a health hazard for everyone in your home.

Infill costs will vary, depending on the form you choose. For example, a basic silica sand will cost around $15 for a bag of fifty pounds.

On the other hand, if you opt for the acrylic-coated infill, then that will cost you around $40 for a fifty-pound bag. So, the average cost of infill for 1000 per square foot can range between $300 and $800.

Bender Board Cost

If you want to create a clean transition between other areas of your lawn and the artificial turf, then a bender board is a necessary cost.

Please note that you probably can do without a bender board, but if you want the landscaping to look clean and neat, then this is important. Edging the landscape will cost you around $2 per foot.

The average cost of bender board edging to surround half of a 1,000 sq. ft. area will be around $140. We recommend to invest in a high-quality bender board so that it doesn’t move or slide with time.

Materials to Secure the Artificial Turf

You will also require materials to secure the artificial turf to the ground. Materials needed for this process include nails, turf glue, seaming cloth, perimeter spikes, and a weed barrier (if needed).

The requirement of every amount needed will depend on the specific job that needs to be done. For example, if you have a small area, then the cost will be lower.

On the other hand, if your area has high traffic and dogs frequent it a lot, then you will need more materials to keep the turf secure. Average cost of securing materials for a 1,000 sq. ft. area can range between $400 and $600.

Other Expenses

Finally, there will be other expenses included in your artificial turf cost. The reason for this is that every installation is unique and might need something different.

For example, local building codes might require you to keep foam underlay padding for your playground. On the other hand, if you are installing artificial turf on a patio or roof, you might require a membrane layer.

So, there will be some miscellaneous expenses that you will have to pay for. Be sure to keep a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in your budget as part of these expenses.

What is the Total Artificial Turf Cost in Canada for 1,000 Square Feet?

An answer post explaining the artificial turf cost per 1000 square feet

The total artificial turf cost in Canada for 1,000 square feet can range between $8,700 and $18,000 and upwards. The average cost will be around $13,000.

We have come to these figures by taking into account all the factors we mentioned above as part of the artificial turf installation. The total material cost will range between $6,500 and $11,800.

The total labour cost will be between $2,000 and $6,000, and the professional installation fee will be between $200 and $1,000. So, this leads to our total cost as we just discussed.

Please note that these artificial turf costs are estimates. If you want a much more accurate quote, you can connect with our team to discuss your artificial turf cost and installation requirements.

How to Maintain Artificial Turf for Longevity

An infographic on how to maintain artificial turf

While considering artificial turf costs is important, it is also just as important to understand the maintenance tasks you will have to undertake after installation.

The good thing is that artificial turf is much easier to maintain than natural grass. Here are some important tips we recommend you follow to get the most out of your investment in artificial turf:

  • Clear the turf from time to time using a leaf blower or push broom
  • Apply weed killer on the turf
  • If you see any leaves or debris, be sure to remove them
  • Every few years, you should replenish the infill and get the seams inspected
  • If you have pets, you must not let their waste sit on your artificial turf. Clean it as soon as it happens with a disinfectant and water to ensure maximum cleanliness

These are some minimal tasks you will have to undertake to ensure your artificial turf lasts a long time to come.

Pros and Cons of Artificial Turf Installation in Canada

Before you decide to install this type of turf, let’s review some of its pros and cons to help you make an informed decision:

Pros of Artificial Turf Installation Cons of Artificial Turf Installation
You don’t have to pay for mowing, fertilizing, or watering the lawn each year It is more expensive than sod installation
Your lawn will be green throughout the year You must select the right installation expert to avoid issues in the long run
You will not need to use chemical herbicides or other treatments If you install cheaper turf, the appearance and feel will not mimic real grass
It is much easier to maintain than natural grass The turf might absorb more heat in the summer, making it hotter
It is free of pests


DIY Artificial Turf Installation: Can it Lower Costs?

An answer post explaining the DIY artificial turf installation cost

If you don’t want to fulfill the artificial turf cost, you also have the option of doing it yourself. However, we recommend you do this if you have the skills for it.

Doing it yourself will help you save labour costs between $1,000 and $3,000. This is only possible if you already have the tools you will need for artificial turf installation.

In total, the DIY artificial turf installation will range between $2000 and $4,300. So, you have the potential to save around $3,000 if you decide to do it yourself.


How long does artificial grass last in Canada?

Artificial turf can last anywhere between 5 and 25 years. The lifespan will depend on the traffic on the turf and how well you maintain it.

Is turf cheaper than artificial grass?

Natural turf has a lower upfront cost, but maintenance costs in the long run are incredibly high and add up. On the other hand, artificial turf has a high upfront cost but is cheaper in the long run.

What is the disadvantage of artificial grass?

Synthetic materials tend to get hot in the summers, which is why you might need to consider some shade if you live in a sunny area.

Does artificial grass burn easily?

Artificial turf is flame retardant and non-toxic, so it will burn. However, if it comes in contact with fire, then it may be susceptible to melting.

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