Lawn Seeding, Aeration & Irrigation




Lawn Seeding, Aeration & Irrigation | Improve Your Lawn’s Appearance

Falcons offers professional lawn seeding using certified seed varieties for our clients in order to improve the health and appearance of your lawn. We promote optimal quality, in addition to healthy soil and root growth with these premium services and ensure only the best care for your lawn.

  • Seeding involves planting new grass seeds to fill in thin or bare spots or establishing a new lawn to your liking.
  • Aeration helps to loosen compacted soil and improve air, nutrient, and water flow to the roots, which can involve the removal of small plugs of soil.
  • Irrigation services help ensure the lawn receives the right amount of water and prevent damage from droughts, which can include the installation of sprinkler systems and other water-saving techniques.

By offering these specialized services and enhanced solutions, Falcons uses advanced techniques and equipment to help commercial and residential home or property owners achieve a lush and green lawn that enhances the appeal of your property and is not only healthy, but also sustainable.

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